Family Update

Posted on: 22 Jan 2021

We are delighted to share some of the positive outcomes we have managed to achieve together over the last few weeks. 

We have 

  • distributed 110 laptops to families

  • applied for additional ‘data’ for families using their mobile devices as hotspots

  • provided 150 breakfast bags - providing additional breakfast ingredients to families from Guy’s and St.Thomas Hospital Charity

  • provided face-to-face school for around 40 children per week (children of key workers and vulnerable children).  This number is due to increase to around 84 children next week. 

Families have 

  • ensured that children are able to access their online learning regularly

  • supported teachers with getting the children up, dressed and ready for their morning Google Meets

  • provided the school with valuable information to help us improve the quality of remote learning

We are ‘over the moon’ with the positive response to our morning and afternoon ‘Meets’ for children in Year 2 - 6.  This has supported children to ‘get going’ in the morning, it has provided an opportunity for the children to connect with their friends and classmates.  It has additionally really encouraged the staff - who have really been pleased to chat and share with the children on a daily basis. 


We have now distributed all our Chromebooks, therefore unfortunately we are unable to fulfil any further requests.  We hope that these have really supported remote learning.  If you do have problems with access, please do keep talking to class teachers/senior leaders and we will attempt to support you.

Please take care of your Chromebooks - if they are damaged we are unable to replace them!

Data for Hotspots

If you are not using home wifi and have not already applied, we can still help you by applying for additional data for your mobile telephone.  Please contact the school office for more information.

Screen Free Friday

Following feedback from children, families and staff there were a few emerging themes we wanted to address.  

  • Potentially too much screen time for children

  • Not enough opportunity to write/practise handwriting

In response we wanted to introduce ‘Screen free Fridays’.  On Fridays, we will continue to have our morning registration for those year groups who do it, video for the others, where we say good morning and set out the day’s screen free activities. 

Each Friday, pupils will be given: 

  1. Handwriting Practice

  2. Maths Weekly Workout

  3. Then, we will provide children with a menu of potential activities that children can choose to do throughout the day.  Activities will link to our curriculum, and will follow the following headings:

  • Get talking

  • Get cooking/baking

  • Get moving

  • Get designing

  • Get collaborative

  • Get listening

We would like your children to try to complete at least two of these activities - perhaps you could carry them out as a family?  Perhaps you could allow the children to combine their efforts on one task?  

At the end of the day, the children will still have their Google Meets, where they can celebrate and share their day. 

To support this, we will be supplying children with:

  • A Handwriting Practice Book

  • A Maths Weekly Challenge Book

  • A blank Exercise book - which can be used as you wish to support the children’s learning

Books may be collected from the School Office (Mostyn) on Tuesday 26 January until Thursday 28 January between 10.00am until 12.00pm each day.  

Our first Screen Free Friday, will be on Friday 29 January.