Vision, Ethos & Values

We believe that there are a number of personal qualities which are essential for a successful, productive and happy life now and in the future. We believe that the key role of our school is: Working together, with families and the wider community, to support the development of well-rounded young adults.

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‘Creating Excellence’

We want to help our children develop a range of important values to prepare them for their life ahead:


I can create excellence by setting high expectations for myself and others


I can create excellence by respecting myself, others and the world around me


I can create excellence by learning from and with my family, teachers, peers and community


I can create excellence by developing integrity; doing the right thing, even when nobody is watching!


I can create excellence by working hard and putting effort into everything I do


I can create excellence by exploring facts, ideas and concepts

Our ‘Code of Conduct’ has one main expectation: that you treat everyone with courtesy and consideration at all times. The quality of relationships in our school underpins all that we do. Put simply, our ethos is ‘work hard, be nice’.

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We believe in the importance of a well-rounded education as a central part of the development of that well-rounded person. An education which is inclusive and provides all our children with an equal chance of becoming successful. To achieve this, our curriculum is broad and balanced: our young people will have access to an education that responds to their needs and recognises their interests. We want all our learners to make excellent progress and gain strong outcomes as a result of their study.

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